Four legs good, six legs better

Yes, the Dublin Horse Show has come round again.  And this year, once again, the Dublin Beekeepers have a stand at the RDS – so if you’re around, do drop in and say hello.  We will have an observation hive on site so you can practice your queen-finding skills.  The Dublin Horse Show runs from Wednesday of this week till Sunday, and we’ll be there every day.  Perhaps we should teach the bees dressage – if they can learn to fly and build comb in zero gravity on a space shuttle  (download the paper here) I’m sure we can teach them to dance better than horses can!

John Killian demonstrating the Miller feeder, with a few hitch-hikers on his head

Last Saturday we had a demonstration for our beginners of honey crop removal, winter feeding & varroa control with Apiguard, up at our apiary.   Plenty attended, and as usual, everyone learned something.

Last month, many Dublin beekeepers attended the excellent Gormanston beekeeping summer school – it was packed, as usual, and the lectures were of the high standard that we have come to expect.  In the humble opinion of the author, the accommodation’s not the highlight of the experience, but if you want luxury you can stay in a nearby hotel or do a day trip from Dublin – and for many the accommodation is part of the charm of the place.

The big event for the Dublin beekeeper, of course, is our annual honey show.  This year’s will be held on Saturday 3rd November.  This year, in addition to the honey show competition, the craft fair, the honey for sale and the refreshments we are offering two lectures – one on ‘Beginning with bees’ which should interest all aspiring beekeepers – and another on ‘The history of beekeeping in Ireland’.  Both lecturers are eminent beekeepers and lecturers, so put the date in your diary!  If you are a member of Co Dublin BKA, please do consider giving a little of your time to help us run these events – just contact one of the committee.

And finally, Facebook users will probably have spotted the Co Dublin beekeepers’ page (see the panel on the left) – but had you heard of the new Facebook group called ‘Beekeepers of Ireland‘?  Hope to see you there!

Best wishes for a bountiful honey harvest

Simon Rees, webmaster (and this year, Honey show secretary)