Dublin Honey Show – results & photos

The Dublin Honey Show’s over for another year.

Beekeeper & professional photographer has Kieran Harnett taken a set of smashing photos at last weekend’s Dublin honey show.  You can see them here.  Big thanks to the honey show sub-committee, judges, stewards, lecturers, volunteers and friends for all your contributions that gave us a great show.

Here are the results of this year’s Honey Show competition:

Dublin Honey Show results 2015

CDBKA only
No. of entriesFirst prizeSecond prizeThird prizeVery highly commendedHighly commendedCommended
124 jars of light, medium or dark honey.Powers to bees trophyOpen8Paul BoyleKieran Harnett--Dara KilmartinMichael Gleeson
212 jars of light, medium or dark honey. As offered for sale.Avoca Nurseries perpetual trophyOpen8John SummervilleDara Kilmartin----
32 jars light honey.Chivers trophyOpen29Albert HamiltonKeith PierceLucy FitzpatrickNorman RobinsMark FitzpatrickMartin Curran
42 jars medium honey. Heather excluded.Monument Creamery cupOpen26John SummervilleOrla DevaneMichael GleesonKieran HarnettMichael WildesEleanor Attridge
52 jars dark honey. Heather excluded.I.A.C. perpetual trophyOpen8John Summerville-----
62 jars heather honey.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpen6Michael Gleeson-----
72 jars granulated or creamed honey.C.D.B.K.A challenge cupOpen6John SummervillePaul Boyle----
82 Floral honey sections. Ling free.Rowans trophyOpen5Tony LynchJohn SummervilleDorothy McGinleyStuart HayesBenny Myers-
92 Heather honey sections.Sir James Mackey trophyOpen1John Summerville-----
102 jars chunk honey.Tom Kehoe trophyOpen5Eleanor AttridgeAlbert HamiltonLiam McGarry---
112 containers of cut comb.Ned Smyth trophyOpen3Liam McGarry-----
121 frame suitable for extraction.Green Acres cupOpen7Eleanor AttridgeAlan BradyNorman RobinsLiam McGarryDara Kilmartin-
131 cake of beeswax.McGrane Apiaries trophyOpen7Christina BradleyEleanor AttridgeAlbert HamiltonHugh HolmesDavid McCartneyPaul Boyle
145 blocks beeswax matching.C.D.B.K.A bowlOpen11Norman RobinsDara KilmartinOrla Devane-Eleanor AttridgePaul Boyle
156 honey biscuits.Hans Flohr trophyOpen10Poppy FitzpatrickAnn O'SuilleabhainHugh HolmesAlbert HamiltonKen NortonChristina Bradley
16Honey cake.McGrane cake knifeOpen11Fiona NoonanAnn O'SuilleabhainLucy FitzpatrickOrla DevaneEleanor AttridgeKen Norton
17Beeswax polish in tin or jar.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpen8Orla Devane-Albert Hamilton---
183 beeswax candles all made by moulding.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpen7Paul Boyle-Eleanor AttridgeDorothy McGinley--
193 beeswax candles made any method other than moulding.N.K.B cupOpen1Paul Boyle-----
20Dry mead.Grape & grain trophyOpen8David McCartneyJohn SummervilleAlbert HamiltonChristina BradleyHugh Holmes-
21Sweet mead.Country cellar trophyOpen8Christina BradleyDavid McCartneyHugh HolmesJohn Summerville--
22Metheglin / Melomel.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpen7Hugh HolmesJohn SummervilleDavid McCartney---
23Photograph. Black and white or colour.C.D.B.K.A silver frameOpen9Keith PiercePaul BoyleChristina BradleyAlbert Hamilton--
24Dark jar of honey. To be completely covered except cap. Novice class.C.D.B.K.A perpetual trophyOpen3Tim McCarthyMichael WildesAnne Wildes---
25Display class. Collection of bee products consisting of jars of different honey sections, cut comb, mead, beeswax, etc.C.D.B.K.A display class cupOpen2Paul Boyle-----
26Any item related to bees or beekeeping and ineligible for entry in another class.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpen7Michelle MernePaul BoyleSiobhan RichardsonPaul LonerganDavid McCartneyAlbert Hamilton
271 section (novice class)Bill Mellon trophyCDBKA only0------
281 jar honey (novice class)R. Shackleton trophyCDBKA only0------
292 jars light, medium or dark honey. C.D.B.K.A trophyCDBKA only8Dave McManusOrla DevaneDara KilmartinMichael Gleeson--
302 containers of cut comb.Friends of the RHD trophyCDBKA only2--Michael Gleeson---