Results Honey Show 2017

CDBKA only
First prizeSecond prizeThird prizeVery highly commendedHighly commendedCommended 
124 jars of light, medium or dark honey.Powers to bees trophyOpen-----------
212 jars of light, medium or dark honey.  As offered for sale.Avoca Nurseries perpetual trophyOpenJ. SummervilleE. Attridge---
32 jars light honey.Chivers trophyOpenE. AttridgeM.Matthews---
42 jars medium honey.  Heather excluded.Monument Creamery cupOpenA. Nic Giolla CodaJ. SummervilleN. RobinsE. O'Reilly-
52 jars dark honey.  Heather excluded.I.A.C. perpetual trophyOpenA. Nic Giolla CodaJ. SummervilleA. Hamilton-
62 jars heather honey.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpenM. GleesonM. Matthews---
72 jars granulated or creamed honey.C.D.B.K.A challenge cupOpenD. McCartneyE. AttridgeM. Wall---
82 Floral honey sections.  Ling free.Rowans trophyOpenT. LynchP. MercerJ. Fuller--
92 Heather honey sections.Sir James Mackey trophyOpen--R. Breslin---
102 jars chunk honey.Tom Kehoe trophyOpenA. Hamilton---
112 containers of cut comb.Ned Smyth trophyOpenJ. SummervilleE. AttridgeJ. KeoghD. McCartney--
121 frame suitable for extraction.Green Acres cupOpenE. AttridgeV. DoranA. Nic Giolla CodaR. Feighery--
131 cake of beeswax.McGrane Apiaries trophyOpenE. AttridgeM. Matthews
145 blocks beeswax matching.Horkan SalverOpenO. DevaneD. McCartneyB. O'Reilly-
156 honey biscuits.Hans Flohr trophyOpenK. NortonO. O'ReillyA. O'Suillebhan
16Honey cake.McGrane cake knife OpenK. NortonH. MartinI. SpeirsO. O'Reilly-
17Beeswax polish in tin or jar.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpenM. WallA. HamiltonI. O'ReillyG. O'Neill---
183 beeswax candles all made by moulding.C.D.B.K.A trophyOpenE. AttridgeB. O'ReillyJ. SummervilleA. Hamilton--
193 beeswax candles made any method other than moulding.N.K.B cup Open--
20Dry mead.Grape & grain trophyOpenJ. Summerville---
21Sweet mead.Country cellar trophy OpenD. McCartneyJ. SummervilleA. Nic Giolla Coda---
22Metheglin / Melomel.Donegal Bees cupOpenD. McCartney---
23Photograph.  Black and white or colour.C.D.B.K.A silver frameOpenE. AttridgeA. Hamilton---
24Display class.  Collection of bee products consisting of jars of different honey sections, cut comb, mead, beeswax, etc.C.D.B.K.A display class cupOpenE. Attridge----
25Any item related to bees or beekeeping and ineligible for entry in another class.C.D.B.K.A trophy
OpenR. SmythE. ByrneA. Hamilton
26Covered jar of honey.  To be completely covered except cap.  Novice class.Benny Myers trophyOpenB. McDonaldD. GleesonE. ByrneJ. Thorp---
271 section (novice class)Bill Mellon trophyCDBKA only------
281 jar honey (novice class)R. Shackleton trophy CDBKA only----
292 jars light, medium or dark honey. C.D.B.K.A trophyCDBKA onlyO. Devan---
302 containers of cut comb.Friends of the RHD trophyCDBKA only------
Supreme run honeyJohn Kerney Cup OpenA. Nic Giolla Coda
Supreme comb honeyDan Deasy Cup OpenT. Lynch
Highest points in classes 1-11Gourmet cupOpenJ. Summerville