Meeting our friends in other beekeeping associations

From time to time the Dublin beekeepers have the chance to meet up with beekeepers in other associations -here’s an example of a visit by our friends in the North.

The Co Dublin beekeepers’ association has a close relationship with the Dromore & district BKA. They’re a fairly large association who hold their meetings in Hillsborough. In recent years one or two of our Dublin members have lectured at Dromore.  Vanessa Drew and Norman Walsh have given great lectures to our association in recent times.

Keith Pearce demonstrating queen rearing

The previous summer a group of Dublin beekeepers made the trip up to Dromore and were treated to a great day out – so this year they made a return trip to Dublin. We were lucky with the weather – though it rained on our Chairperson on his way to meet our Nordy friends, that was the last drop we saw all day.

The Northern bus arrived at eleven yesterday in the National Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin where we all had time for a wander round the ‘Bots’ after a cup of tea and a sandwich. Then we all made our way via the obstacle course of a car park barrier that requires a EUR 2 coin to open it, and the labyrinth that is North Dublin’s roads, to Keith Pearce’s fine apiary.  All made it in the end, though the routes were many and various.

Joe Kelly leading an inspection of a honeybee colony. Everything’s fine in this one!

Keith organised the visitors into different groups. One group prepared apidea boxes for virgin queens, while another listened to Keith give a detailed description of his queen breeding programme. The evidence of successful programme breeding for docile bees is plain to see – Keith’s bees are very placid, and stings were few.  After a while the groups switched around so that all got to see and hear everything.  There were a mix of beginners and experienced beekeepers from both Dublin and Dromore, and there was plenty for everyone to learn.

After a few hours learning and chatting in Keith’s apiary, we headed off for a pint and an early dinner with our friends. The speeches were short and the thanks and happy faces showed a good time had by all, not least our own members!

Thanks to everyone who made it happen, especially Keith.